Travels with Da Gizz: A Guest of the Trimbachs

September 26, 2010


Cisco the blogging cat here…

Here’s yet another old post card from the wandering Bruce… (Note that we’ve added in a couple of pics from the kind folks at Trimbach Wines.)

Let the post card from The Gibson begin!

Three hours crossing Lorraine, The bread basket of France, I climbed and descended the the Vosges Mountains.  This divide separates Alsace from the rest of France  The architecture, traditions and place and people names are very Germanic laced. Thats because this land mass went back and forth ‘tween Germany and France, depending Who won the latest war.  Nuff said.

Strasbourg is the northern boundary to the Alsace.  After freshening up at my hotel, I met members of the Trimbach Family in the tavern for an evening of tasting wine and food. What a layout.  I will describe the matching foods with each wine.

(All wines are Maison Trimbach from current vintages.)

~Pinot Blanc-The subtle versatility allows this wine to be the aperitif for events of walking about with varying appetizers. A light fragrant wine that will overpower no food. The Pinot Blanc grape, with its dryness and delicate backbone, is blended with a small % of Auxerrois grape, for it’s abundance and juiciness.

~Gewurztraminer-The rich exotic spiciness is not at all lost because of the dryness.  Strange to many who have not had a Gewurztraminer the aromatic note of litchee nuts, ginger, roses and geraniums is balanced to perfection.  We ate a Thai dish laced with ginger that matched to the subtle ginger in the wine. Also, Munster and Roquefort marry.

~Pinot Gris-Yes, same grape as Grigio/different location. Increasing on the richness scale, Alsatian Gris are fruitier lusher with a longevity on the tongue than Gris or Grigio’s found elsewhere. Matched foods were Japanese appetizers, fois gras, smoked fish and salmon in a rich sauce.

~Riesling-The richest of the wines is saved till the end, so it doesn’t overpower all that went before.  Onion pie and sauerkraut, grilled and sauced fish were matched with this wine. A classic Riesling with intense floral lush fruit and crisp acidity balance perfectly.  How does that happen??  Try it and you’ll see (taste).  BTW a longer “lingeringlyness” in the mouth and on the palate is exceptional.

Much chatter and old family tales went on till early morning.  A brief walk along the Rhine River to clear the head a bit and off to bed.  Thank BOTU for an afternoon appointment in Bergheim.

Two cats pondering France by the racks…

P.S. Our word search contest and write a story contest go unsolved!!!

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