$25,000,000.00 per Hour

April 21, 2011

Hey, Cisco and Ponchita the blogging cats here…

We heard a mind-numbing number today (we had to check to make sure it was real… It was/is…) The U.S. is now spending $25 million/hr to pay just the interest on our national debt… (Go ahead… Do the math…) To try to put this in perspective, let’s say that the pinheads in DC spent three months arguing over the latest budget. (We all know it was longer than that… But let’s just say it was three months…) While they fought to “save” $38 billion (again, we know that number is bloated and a fake) the U.S. had to pay out $54 billion in interest alone on our debt. And where did we come up with that money? We either borrowed it or printed it. No wonder S&P just busted our long-term economic status from “stable” to “negative”…

Something wicked this way comes… If this federal republic is to survive, we are going to need nothing short of a sea change in our politics and our very culture…

Stock up now…

Very worried by the racks,

Two cats blogging…

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