Winter Brews

Cisco your blogging cat here.

A few days ago I was in my cooler (that is the walk-in beer cooler) chilling on cases of beer but then I noticed some new seasonal brews. That’s what’s good about season changes – you get variety in food and drinks. I personally don’t prefer one season over another because I have A/C and heat in my house. It doesn’t matter. And if you think about it it really doesn’t matter. That’s what my friend Jimbo would say. And I agree with him.

Back to the beers.

Shipyard came out with a new winter beer called Applehead. You probably have heard about Pumpkinhead – that is probably the most popular pumpkin beer in the store. Shipyard brewerers asked people what other flavor they would like to try. And apple won. (I still like PC better though).Image

Also Mayflower Brewery from Plymouth has their winter beer out. It’s Oatmeal Stout


Well, I am going back to the cooler. See you here…


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