Organic wines and catnip…

Here at Harwich Spirits Shoppe we (felines) often get asked about organic stuff. While we know a lot about organic catnip – we have a whole basket here filled with cat cuddlers (at $6 each it’s the best Christmas gift you can get for your cat). Anyway, our knowledge in organic wines area is not so deep. We don’t spend ours cuddling with organic wine bottles like we do hugging our catnip toys. So we decided to ask The Internet about organic wines and how you would chew drink them. This is what we found here:

Why isn’t more wine ‘organic’?
Sulfites are forbidden in organic products by the USDA, but most winemakers consider the preservative crucial in winemaking, so few wineries want the label.
This sounds familiar: a national consumer group is fighting to maintain organic standards against industry people who want to weaken them. But when it comes to “organic wine,” the well-meaning consumers may actually be discouraging more organic farming.

the rest

Please read the whole article, it really helped us – Cisco, Pancho and Funky – to understand that we probably shouldn’t be fooling around with organic wine bottles (we don’t really like upset stomacks)

See you by the racks

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