Boston Red Sox… What Went Wrong

Not pretty is it? Well no, it shouldn’t be. Confusion never is.

One sports statistician put the odds of the Red Sox implosion at 278,000,000:1. Now… There are liars, damned liars, and then there are people who bandy stats… Still, you have to admit that the Bo’Sox collapse was weird even for Boston standards. (Can you say, “Bill Buckner“, or, “1978“?)

But there’s a trend here…

  • Will Cordero — in ’97, Will beats his pregnant wife with a phone — Red Sox kept him for the season. (Back in the day, New York Yankees player Ruben Rivera was cut snicker snack when he was caught stealing a bat and glove.)
  • Mo Vaughn — 1998… Mo Vaughn was coming back from a strip club and hit a car in the break-down lane… Acquited. I quote: “As Vaughn was walking out of the courtroom, two bailiffs congratulated him, one patting him on the back.” Quaint.
  • Mid 1980s — Red Sox player Wade Boggs has four year affair and then blames it on his “addiction to sex.” Isn’t that special?
  • Drinking in the clubhouse (Parts I and II) — Never stopped them back in 2004
  • Roger Clemens juiced? Never! Lying before Congress? Couldn’t happen…

The story line here isn’t about mistakes — it’s about embarrassing mistakes. It’s about confusion.

Obviously, this isn’t anything new for the Sox, but it is more or less predictable. Firm leadership in both ownership and coaching goes a long way — think Red Auerbach, Bill Parcelles, Bob Kraft. Them again there’s ‘Pete the Poodle’… While this rule isn’t hard and fast, just look at the history.

Every team has players with ‘issues’. Not to put too fine a point on my assertion, but Bill Belichick managed to control even Randy Moss for a good deal of time. Still… coaches do lose their edge…

Back to baseball… Sorry Tony… But let this be a lesson once and for all as to who runs the asylum.

By the racks with the Cracker Jack…

Three cats blogging…

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