The World’s Finest .22 Rifle?


Cisco the blogging Harwich Spirits Shoppe cat here. Bet you didn’t know that I’m a gun-totin’ feline… (Yup… Once I learned how to use my dew claws as opposable thumbs, there was no stopping me.)

Before I get started, let me just throw in a word of obvious and sane… Before you ever go near a firearm, be sure to take an NRA-approved gun class, get your certificate, and then get your FID card or pistol permit from the police. And always remember the cardinal rule: if you treat every gun like it’s loaded, no one will ever get hurt.

Alrighty then… Let’s take a look at the Henry U.S. Survival rifle — a breakdown, 8-shot, clip-fed piece…

Here it is assembled…

And disassembled…

And finally, about to be completely stored in its own watertight stock…

I’ve shot a bunch of guns, but I like this one best. Here’s why…

  • It’s a .22… Cheap to shoot.
  • The Henry is a well-made American product.
  • Relatively speaking, it’s cheap — ~ $ 250.
  • It’s light and small — about three pounds and 17″ stored.
  • Its got a great reputation.
  • With a scope and the right ammo (CCI Mini-Mags), it’s about as accurate as the average .22 — 2″ groups at 50 yards.
  • As has been reported in the past, the Henry is reliable. Using the Mini-Mags, we must have pushed 100 rounds through it without a hitch. Just keep it clean.
  • It was designed by Eugene Stoner, one of the 20th century’s foremost firearms designers. (Mr. Stoner also designed the AR-15, which became the now famous military M-16.)
  • It’s rugged. For example, the entire barrel is encased in plastic…
  • It’s brilliantly simple — the entire weapon consists of only 40 parts, and regular take-down and assembly require no tools. Also, cleaning is simplicity itself.
  • Even assembled it’s small — it doesn’t get in the way.
Seriously, I like this gun… This one is going to see a whole ton of plinking. Many rifles, shotguns, and pistols have crossed my path, but this is my fave by far and away.

By the racks,

Three cats blogging by the racks and the targets…

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