Iranian Bomb Plot On U.S. Soil…


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Unless you haven’t had a chance to catch up on the news, there appears to be a foiled bombing attack targeted right here in the homeland. What’s more, it looks to be a brain child of the highest reaches of Iranian government. If this is true, this is huge. This would be Iran’s attempt to crawl out from behind the rocky shadows of the world’s machinations, and assert itself as a true global threat. Thoughts…

  • Since the Iranian Islamic Revolution way back in the late 1970s, Iran has been a pain in the ass… Consider their support for Hezbollah, and their involvement in American losses both in Iraq and Afghanistan… And then there’s Iran aiding Al Qaeda. Iran has a lot of American blood on its hands.
  • According to authorities, this bombing plot was a big deal… Out of the ordinary dirtbag hijinks of Iran.. Many would be astounded if Ahmadinejad and the commanding Mullahs didn’t know of this potential atrocity.
  • Consider also that this would have been a massive thumb in the eye of the United States should the proposed attack have worked…  Iran can kill ambassadors anywhere in the world… Instead they chose the U.S. — one of the more secure countries on this planet.
  • The idea of Iran trying to use the Los Zetas drug cartel is not insignificant. From the Iranian point of view, zapping an ambassador or two would be great, but proving that they could use Mexico (or any number of folks from Central and South America) to reach out and touch us here would be spectacular. (And how is their nuclear program going?)
  • Iran is cleverly creating redundancy… If the drug-gang connection doesn’t work, they still have their two-stage ICBM, and there is probably no nation on earth that can stop one of those. MAD only works when your opponent isn’t crazier than an outhouse rat and a dirty bomb is most definitely on the table.
  • So… How has your ‘Open-Handed Diplomacy’ worked President Obama? Not so hot I’d say… It seems that your subtle usage of the ‘Bush Doctrine’ of pre-emptive strikes in Pakistan (using drones) and, (‘Gasp!’) the use of real torture via rendition have been going gang-busters.

To wrap this up… If the Iranian plot is real, we’d better take it and its ramifications seriously and act appropriately.

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