Da Gizz Mulls Alternative Energy

Hey! Cisco the Harwich Spirits Shoppe here…

Da Gizz ran across the folks at 1bog, and he wanted to share a few thoughts about alternative energy… (And I’ll toss in my over-priced $1/50th too…)

It’s no great secret that Bruce is an alternative energy kind of  guy.

With that in mind, here’s his (and my) ‘energy input bullet points’:

  • This issue is important for mental frame of mind if for nothing else. Who doesn’t want to be eco-conscious. Who cares your political standpoint? We all know that that carbon-based fuel won’t go on forever. Fine… Drill in ANWR. Drill in the Gulf. Drill along the East Coast. Use coal and natural gasWhatever. We all know that that stuff won’t go on forever. Look, our Republic is 235 years old.  So let’s say we have another 200 years of conventional energy in front of us. If we don’t become eco- conscious/energy-efficient, pronto, we’re deep in the Land of Doo Doo. (Not to mention that some of the countries that supply our oil hate our guts.) But beyond all that, remember that guv’ment  started subsidizing mail service in 1918, but it really wasn’t until 1936 and the advent of  the DC3, that our country really figured out how to cost-effectively move 30 folk from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ — 18 years — an entire generation. Now… magnify that challenge to the screeching energy demands of 330 million people without completely wiping out the environment, and you get a hint at the scope of the issue. We’re looking at a four or five generation problem at best. We have to start now… asshats like Solyndra be damned.
  • Da Gizz also brought up another reason as to why we should be thinking about alternative energy: Screw the grid! Seriously… Wouldn’t it be cool to come from work, open your mailbox, and find a nice check from the power company? People actually do this — sell their excess electricity back to ‘Big Brother’.
  • Finally… Bruce wants to hear from anyone concerning ideas on how to eco-nomize, or screw the grid? Well, (Cisco the HSS cat talking) about 20 years ago I moved from incandescent to CFLs — saved me a pant load! Now, every new light that comes in the house will be LED-based… Watch Amazon… There are bargains extraordinaire if you do your homework.

And there you go… Da Gizz et al have spoken, and much more importantly, as always, we’re are listening…

Three cats blogging

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