Economic Insanity…


Cisco the blogging cat here… Gotta offer up some insane Guv’ment math and pray that someone will find fault with my numbers…

This has to do with the proposed new ‘American Job Act‘…

Let me see if I’ve got this straight using just round numbers. (Don’t jump ugly on me if these numbers aren’t precise — I’m just trying to ballpark this thing…) We’re going to spend roughly $500 billion dollars in the hope of what the White House guesstimates will generate 1.9 million jobs. If I’m right, that comes down to an outrageous $263,000/job. That’s nuts. Back in the day when I worked in the corporate world, we planned on spending $20,000 to find a good, general, productive, long-term employee. Now that number can go as high as $60,000, for a top-end, non-exec person. Spending a quarter of a million dollars/job is ludicrous…

But O.K… Let’s just go with those numbers… Let’s say that 1600 does find 1.9 million jobs. (Though the actuality of finding ‘shovel-ready‘ jobs has proven to be  bit more difficult than speeches portrayed it to be….) But let’s just say that we get our 1.9 million jobs. And let’s also say that each job pays $50,000/year, and is permanent. (We can dream, right?) Further, let’s pretend that the employee pays 30% in federal taxes. (I know that the odds are that someone making $50k isn’t going to pay fed taxes. Stop nit picking!) So, each year of labor equates to $16,000 paid back to Big Brother… At that rate, it will take 15 years for Joe Worker to pay back Uncle Sam’s ‘$250 large’ job finder’s fee. But even here there’s a problem…

The average job duration in America is four years. Read that, “We’ve spent 250,00 taxpayer’s dollars to find someone a job, and he’s paid us back $64 thou’ for our efforts.” Say, that reminds of a joke…

Two shirt makers (‘Gordon’ and ”Tommy Schmuck’) are talking and the conversation goes something like this:

Gordon: “You know Tommy, I’ve been watching your business, and you must be taking a beating… You’re spending $12 to make a shirt, but only selling it for $3…”

Tommy Schmuck: “That’s true, but I have a secret…”

Gordon: “So, what’s your secret?”

Tommy Schmuck:I deal in volume!

Three cats by the racks, and we’re all shaking our heads in disbelief…

P.S. (Somebody… Anybody… Please! Check the math and reasoning!!! I’ve got to be wrong somewhere!!!)

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