New Contest and More on Bruce’s Scavenged Sacks Of Stuff (SSOS)

Well punk… Do you feel lucky?

Here’s the deal… Da Gizz is hosting a contest in which the winning prize will be a $25 gift certificate. The rules are simple: The first correct answer that crosses Bruce’s stream of consciousness relative to the following question wins. Here we go…

If Da Gizz wanted to start a vineyard to grow the best Pinot Noir grapes, aside from moving to Europe, where would he go?

So what place or region is Gibson thinking of??? Hint… It’s somewhere in green on the map below…

(I’d like to give credit to the person who created that map, but I can’t because the font is too small… Here’s where I found it:

Use the contact info above to reach Bruce with the correct answer… Remember, he can be fussy

Now, about those SSOS… (Scavenged Sacks Of Stuff…) They’re still available at $20 apiece… Who knows what you’re going to get? Maybe you like red wine and shirts and you buy an SSOS. Maybe it will be a nice bottle of red wine and a golf shirt. Hurray for you! On the other hand, it might be beer and a hat… You just never know… All you know is that it will be worth at least $20… (Bit of insider info… Buy your SSOS ASAP… People love the randomness of these things…)

As always, by the racks…

Two cats blogging…

Wine Glossaries

* Nat Decants: A thorough glossary from Natalie MacLean, noted wine writer, speaker, and judge.
* “The Independent Consumer’s Guide to Fine Wines”
* GLOSSARY of Wine-Tasting Terminology (Version 1.4 – Jan. 1995): A thorough collection of definitions from Anthony Hawkins.

Beer Glossaries

* ratebeer: Now that’s a straightforward name!
* beer-pages: Roger Protz and Tom Cannavan say that “it’s all about beer”.
* A fine collection of Beer dictionaries.


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