Irene Damage and Storm Survival Thoughts

Hey, Cisco the Harwich Spirits Shoppe blogging cat here…

Well, here’s just one example of what hurricane-strength gusts can do…

Boy, does this suck! Remember how I’ve been warning you that Hurricane Irene was going to jump ugly on us, even if only a strong tropical storm?

(Note… The following was composed after the night of the storm…)

So I’m sitting here in the dark typing away in Notepad to the din of our generator. (The radio says that I’m one of 250,000 NStar customers without power.) The phones don’t work, and we don’t even have Internet connectivity. Does anyone even know what’s going on in the world???


Good news/bad news:

First the good news

  • Here at the homestead, our 3250 watt generator is coming through like a champ… It can only handle the fridge/freezer and a few lights, but we saved our food.
  • We love our LED flashlights — just the little cheapie single AAA hasn’t failed us…
  • Our L.L. Bean crank weather radio hasn’t let us down… (Though paws and crank are a strange combination.)
  • Strangely, the new Motorola “Walkie Talkies” (good for a dozen miles or more and only $40) have come in handy… In this day and age of the cell phone, we had numerous problems with connecting to a cellular tower. Enter the Motorola…
  • It was surprising how many tree removal specialists we talked with gave us ‘The Cold Shoulder”. We ended up with ‘Tree Co. Inc.‘ — they’re pros all the way — quick response, on time for the clean up, knowledgeable — just a great crew. Repeat… ‘Tree Co. Inc.‘ did a great job!

Notes on emergency preparedness that didn’t work:

  • Our cable provider, Comcast dropped the ball long ago. I know that they’re struggling with a hurricane right now, but Internet connectivity and communication are, at times, critical… So much of the wire they’ve run over the years should have been underground… In the end, we had the power, but they didn’t have the signal. (Addendum — We were down for about 24 hours, and we can’t say “Thank you!” enough for their incredible work…)
  • We only had two bags of ice and a cheap cooler — oops.
  • Need to find a better way to heat food, the grill was not accessible…
  • No matter what, we have to boost the signal for our cell phones — right now, those are ‘iffy’ at the very best…
  • TV is a must… Us cats are news junkies, and the radio just ain’t cutting it…

  • Need to investigate solar battery chargers for the phones etc.!

Gotta run…. Time to check the cat boxes…

See you by those oh so reassuring racks…

Two cats blogging…

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