Irene: So Far, So Good… Sort of…

Hey, Cisco the Harwich Spirits Shoppe blogging cat here…

Take a look at the following NOAA maps/charts…

What this boils down to is that right now, predictions say that the Mid-Cape will for the most part escape the wrath of Irene. All told we’re potentially looking at about 3″ of rain and 60+ MPH wind gusts, and for many, that’s not all that bad. For Cisco however, that kind of rain can flood our basement and those winds can wreck our antique aluminum boat, so be careful how you gloat… (Besides, a 64 MPH wind gust can jump ugly on a window or two at your casa…)

Having grown up on the Cape, I’ll tell you that these storms are sleepers… Just when you think you’re in the clear, the power goes out, or a friggin’ tree limb falls and ruins your day.

If nothing else, hopefully, this has been a good drill for you. Hopefully, you’ve got backup water supplies, canned goods, and flashlights. Hopefully you’re getting in the habit of watching the forecasts and heeding the warnings… If nothing else, hopefully, you’re ready for the next hurricane, or January Nor’ Easter… If not, Mother Nature has given you more than enough of a warning…

Play it safe, and be safe… This storm isn’t done yet and it’s not a ‘done deal’ regardless of what the experts say… Not by a long shot… We still have a lot of surf, a lot of tide… Again, play it safe, and be safe…

Still prepped and secure by the racks…

Two cats blogging…

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