How to Give a Space Flight to Your Infant When She Turns 50 (Maybe)

Hey, Cisco the blogging cat here…

Just stumbled upon an interesting article about the future spaceport out in New Mexico. Basically, the gist of the article says that Virgin Galactic can give you weightlessness and a view of the curvature of the earth in pretty short order…

Right now it looks like any old construction site, with men in hard hats and prosaic dump trucks carting rubble in and out. In 2013, things will be different.

“You’ll experience weightlessness, they’ll actually go near space so you’ll see the curvature of the Earth,” Chris Anderson, executive director of the New Mexico Spaceport Authority, told

When the facility is finished, a mere $200,000 will let you take a voyage at least partway to the stars: Virgin Galactic will be the first carrier to transport space-curious passengers from Spaceport America on its sub-orbital missions.

So what does that break down to financially if you’re the proud parent of a newborn today and you want to give that future 50 year old the world’s greatest trip?

Yup, that breaks down to about $11/day, or $330/month, or $4,000/year.


  • That’s today’s cost. Who knows what it will be in 50 years. (Though a nice $200,000 nest egg on a 50th birthday won’t hurt.)
  • How on earth do you set aside $11/day? That depends… But for many in the middle class, lunch means fast food, and dinner equates to a $4 microwave meal. You do the math. When this cat got out of college, he ate quite well on a couple bucks/day. And then there’s that gas guzzler… Are you commuting? Did you move towards a more efficient car?
  • For the person turning 50 in 2061, the life expectancy is roughly 90 years. So, ‘Middle Age’ truly is just middle age. Cool!
  • What will our culture be like in 2061? Will we even be here? We’re just a suitcase nuke away from total global economic collapse. After 9/11, the Dow dropped over 7%. What happens if an entire city gets flattened? And hell, it may not take a nuke. Our entitlement spending alone is killing us. We’re racking up four billion dollars/day in debt. If we don’t turn this around and fast, the U.S. is cooked long before 2061. (Before you jump ugly onto the ‘Tax the Rich!‘ bandwagon, don’t waste our time. The problem isn’t the national debt — it’s our out of control entitlement spending. Yes, our debt is $14 trillion, but so is our GDP. That’s not the 800# gorilla… The looming disaster is our $100+ trillion unfunded liabilities. And increasing taxes on the rich won’t put a dent in that. (Crap, we could take away all the money from the millionaires and the billionaires and we still would be in the same hole.))

Dare I say, never in the history of humankind has so much ridden on so little a time frame… In the mean time, I’d suggest that if you’re a new parent you might want to start stashing away for the baby. If we as a society are still around in 2061, the view is going to be fantastic.

By the racks,

Two cats blogging…

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