HSS Yard Sale… You Miss it, You’ve Blown it…


Cisco the Harwich Spirits Shoppe blogging cat here…

Really don’t know what to say at this point… If you haven’t been buying or selling at the HSS yard sale (dry Sundays 9 – 11Am), you have dropped the ball Big Time. Last Sunday, the significant other pulled in $100+

For the buyers, there were literally bargains everywhere… Okay, here’s a couple of examples of what’s coming up…

See those used-once car ramps? How about $20? ($40 on sale at bottom-buck Harbor Freight…) That broken weed whacker (motor is fine, string housing cooked)? Try $5…

And lest you think that you are above the fray… Take a look around… How about that old printer? Wouldn’t you like to get rid of that and put a ‘tenner’ in your pocket? How about those countless books that you’ll never read again, or your  CD collection that just doesn’t cut it anymore? And then there’s the jewelry and the plates and the silverware and the… Ten bucks here… Twenty bucks there… Fifty bucks here… The bottom line is that odds are you oversee the dusting of valuable stuff just because you haven’t got around to moving it on to the right person. $10 can help to end that and at the same time help you rid your space of clutter (and put some simoleons in your pocket.) Just ask inside the Shoppe as to how you can reserve a table space and get cracking… It really is that easy…

By the tables…

Two cats blogging and stashing away the goodies and cash…

Wine Glossaries

* Nat Decants: A thorough glossary from Natalie MacLean, noted wine writer, speaker, and judge.
* eRobertParker.com: “The Independent Consumer’s Guide to Fine Wines”
* GLOSSARY of Wine-Tasting Terminology (Version 1.4 – Jan. 1995): A thorough collection of definitions from Anthony Hawkins.

Beer Glossaries

* ratebeer: Now that’s a straightforward name!
* beer-pages: Roger Protz and Tom Cannavan say that “it’s all about beer”.
* alphaDictionary.com: A fine collection of Beer dictionaries.


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