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Do you remember this?

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We hope so… Well, Bruce and Chris are back with more questions. Just use the ‘Comments’ field to add your thoughts… Here we go…

  1. “If wine is made from grapes where do all the other flavors that are found in wine come from, i.e. various other fruits and other tastes not found in grapes naturally?”
  2. “As a beginner in experiencing wine what would be a good choice of three whites and three reds that would be inexpensive- to medium-level pricing that would give me a good feel for what wine should taste like?”
  3. “Some wines can be consumed as soon as they are open and others can’t, how do you know which wines you can drink immediately and which wines need to breathe. And more importantly, if they need breathing how do you know how long to let them breathe?”
  4. “If all wine is made from gapes, what makes one wine more expensive than another and why?”
  5. “Other than the year of wine creation, what does ‘vintage‘ really mean and how does it play a role in the taste and cost of a wine?”

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Wine Glossaries

* Nat Decants: A thorough glossary from Natalie MacLean, noted wine writer, speaker, and judge.
* “The Independent Consumer’s Guide to Fine Wines”
* GLOSSARY of Wine-Tasting Terminology (Version 1.4 – Jan. 1995): A thorough collection of definitions from Anthony Hawkins.

Beer Glossaries

* ratebeer: Now that’s a straightforward name!
* beer-pages: Roger Protz and Tom Cannavan say that “it’s all about beer”.
* A fine collection of Beer dictionaries.

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