Mr. Pesident and Congress… How Dare you?!?

Cisco the blogging cat here,

Obviously, there’s a place and time when the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch should work behind closed doors.  Situations like war plans and certain types of national emergencies demand secrecy. (No sense gave giving away military secrets or needlessly scaring the bejesus out of the citizenry…) But this “behind the doors” budget meeting between Obama and the Congressional leaders goes far beyond the pale… Who do these characters think they are? And just how dumb do they think we are?

The reason these politicians are wheeling and dealing behind closed doors is simple — they don’t want their constituent power bases (voters, lobbyists, lawyers, unions, and the powerful 4th estate) to know what or who they’re willing to betray to keep their Towers of Babel. Will Boehner eventually have his “Read my lips… No new taxes!” Moment? Will Obama throw the unions under the bus? (The unions are already getting skittish about the POTUS.)

But the crux of the issue is simple — in the shadows, the pols are shuffling the peoples’ money. Put another way, we have a right to watch the sausage making. Damn it, they’re slaughtering our pig.

So Mr. President and Congress, we ask again… How dare you?!?

By the racks…

Two cats blogging

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