Cats Spot Cape Cod UFO


We’ do a lot of kidding on this blog, but the following is for real… We know that people want to here about UFOs, so here’s a real story from a skeptic and a rational explanation as to why there were no “Little Green Men” involved…

Many years ago I saw a UFO; prepare to be bored.

Around 1977, I was with two of my buddies (I’ll just call them “R” and “P”.) R and I were fresh out of high school. If we weren’t working, sleeping, eating, or going to college, we were down on the Bank St. cranberry bogs. We grew up exploring and playing Frisbee there, and by the mid to late ’70s were spending spare nights knocking back “soda pops”, talking about girls, music, and politics. (Did I mention that we talked a lot about girls?) But I digress… Occasionally, a friend would accompany us, and that night the friend was P.

Before I go further, the cast of characters needs to be fleshed out. At the time, we were just students. We didn’t buy into the trend of “disco”, (or any other trend for that matter). Over the years, both P and I would become engineers, and R now works as a network administrator for a major hospital. In short, in spite of our proclivity for nighttime forays into the woods and bogs armed only with yet-to-be opened six packs, we were (and are), on the larger scale, remarkably sober and introspective.

Now back to the story…

On that night (probably around 9 – 10 pm), we likely followed the usual path from Long Rd., through the old swamp we called “Paradise” to Meadowbrook Ln., across Gorham Rd., and started up what was an unlit, single-lane, unpaved, rutted bog access pathway. That pathway is now Bog’s End Rd. (See pics below… Credits go out to both Google Earth and MapQuest.)

About half way up Bog’s End Rd. P froze whilst uttering some expletive. I looked up to see it next, and R saw it last. There at the elbow of the end of the dirt road was a brilliant white orb or disk. It was roughly 50 to 75 meters away and at tree-top level. If I had a dime, I probably could have extended my hand and covered the light with the coin and had room to spare. At the time, I thought it was about the size of a soccer ball or a basketball. (I just checked the math, and that seems about right…) Anyway, the light sat absolutely still for a few seconds, darted to the right about 5 feet, paused again, then scooted out of sight further to the right. It wasn’t a spotlight. It wasn’t a star or a planet. And it certainly wasn’t a streetlight or a porch light. (At the time, the bogs were simply dark abysses.) It was just a silent, lonely luminescent object sitting 30′ up at the end of a desolate old bog access road.

When all is said and done, all I saw was a light that hovered, then moved to the right, and then boogied starboard pronto at a roughly 30 degree angle of ascent. That’s all… Maybe 10 or 15 seconds max… No little green men… No glowing ectoplasm… No alien proctologists probing parts unknown… Just a restless light object…

So what was it? My guess is that it was simple ball lightning caused by the swamp gases from a 75 year old old cranberry bog. (Thankfully, that bog is now a conservation trust and a haven for birds, butterflies, and flora of all types…) I know for a fact that years ago ball lightning was spotted up close less than a mile a way. (Mothers don’t lie on serious subjects.) And then there was the one spotted in North Harwich by one of my high school teachers…. In each case, all were located above or near old bogs…

So… Sorry all you area 51 types… Not all things unidentified and flying are from planet X…

See you by those rational racks…

Two cats blogging

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