You Just Never Know Who You’ll Bump Into in the Harwich Spirits Shoppe – Sam Jonsson

Cisco here, the HSS blogging cat…

This Thursday night past I was doing the usual (pilfering Da Gizz’s wine, scratching up his office chair, strategically launching hair balls into his computer) when all of a sudden this tall dude walked in. By female humanoid standards, he might be considered handsome (see a pic here…), but by cat standards, he was just… too… um… bipedal. Anywho, it was Sam Jonsson, a services rep from the now famous Scott Brown camp. He’s an interesting character… Here’s a snippet from “The Herald News”

“U.S. Sen. Scott Brown has announced the hiring of Sam Jonsson of Dartmouth and an Air Force veteran who recently served in Afghanistan as his constituent services representative for the Southeastern Massachusetts region.”

Like I said… Interesting… He just stopped by to see how business was. (Winter on Cape Cod… Remember?) And we all chatted a while… Nothing too exciting, but a great example of the spontaneity of the Shoppe…

I’m telling you… Ya just never know who you’ll bump into in this joint… Ya got to stop by… Rumor has it that Elvis and Big Foot are going to make a surprise appearance accompanied by the ghost of Billy the Kid… It could happen…

Waiting by the racks…

Two cats blogging

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