Why We’re Screwed, Part 2


Cisco the HSS blogging cat here…

Oh, why should we leave a cheery subject as, “Being Screwed”… especially when the world is heading over the edge as quickly as it is…

Here’s a fast look at what’s really happening in the Middle East in such places as Egypt, Bahrain, and Syria,… Oh, so many in the MSM (Main Stream Media) will fall all over themselves claiming that the movement to democracy is a wonderful thing… They knee jerk to the concepts of religious tolerance, denunciation of misogyny, rational justice. Small problem… The Middle Eastern “Man on the Street” paradigm of democracy, civilized appropriateness, and flexibility does not quite match ours. Consider the following from the Miami Herald:

Regarding peace with Israel, 27 percent said they would like the peace treaty scrapped and 37 percent said it should remain. The rest didn’t know or refused to answer.

The MEI poll offers glimmers of hope. But there is a serious problem with it: It was taken only in Cairo and Alexandria. It is not representative of the whole country. It was also conducted by telephone, which means it probably undercounted the views of the very poor. Some 40 percent of Egyptians live on just $2 a day.

A better poll was taken last year by Pew Global, and the results should cause a collective gasp among those who want individual freedoms and true democracy for Egypt and the entire Middle East.

The nationwide survey showed 84 percent of Egyptian Muslims favor the death penalty for people who choose to leave Islam. The results were similar in other countries in the region. (emphasis Cisco.) That view is plainly incompatible with the most basic principles of liberal democracy, such as freedom of thought, freedom of religion, and freedom of expression.

Egyptians by large numbers also support stoning adulterers and cutting the hands of thieves.

On foreign policy, a government that faithfully reflects the views of its people would move away from some of America’s most important priorities. Last year’s Zogby poll showed 86 percent of Egyptians say Iran has a right to pursue its nuclear program. That, even though the majority said they believe the program aims to produce nuclear weapons. In fact, 79 percent said it would be good if Iran acquired nuclear arms.

So, while we in the West are all for, “Power to the People”, we’d better slow down and think about the people who will soon be acquiring all the power. It all boils down to this… Either we (including Obama) sheepishly (though exorbitantly) stand behind the thugs, theocratic madmen, and “royal families” that secure so much of our oil, or we do the morally right thing and really dig our heels in and search for a Mid-Eastern culture that will throw off the shackles of excruciatingly old ways and embrace a comprehensive 21st century Gettysburg Address…

Sounds like a “lose/lose” proposition to this feline…

Screwed by the racks…

Two cats blogging…

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