New Tutorial… Wine Labels!

Hey! Cisco the Spirits Shoppe blogging cat here,

Just when you thought that the teacher was out for the day and the sub would let you play jotto, Da Gizzz storms back with a most unusual tutorial – “Wine Labels”…

Not knowing much about wines, the 90+ “brand” sounds like a good idea. Then again, the icewine sounds truly compelling too. (Just imagine what wine must taste like when made from previously frozen grapes or berries.) If nothing else, the strawberry icewine has a stunningly beautiful hue to it, and would be fantastic as a decoration or accent piece… But I wax kitty poetic…

Two cats blogging by those well informed racks…

P.S. We haven’t forgotten that word search puzzle contest!

Wine Glossaries

* Nat Decants: A thorough glossary from Natalie MacLean, noted wine writer, speaker, and judge.
* “The Independent Consumer’s Guide to Fine Wines”
* GLOSSARY of Wine-Tasting Terminology (Version 1.4 – Jan. 1995): A thorough collection of definitions from Anthony Hawkins.

Beer Glossaries

* ratebeer: Now that’s a straightforward name!
* beer-pages: Roger Protz and Tom Cannavan say that “it’s all about beer”.
* A fine collection of Beer dictionaries.


One Response to New Tutorial… Wine Labels!

  1. Sean says:

    I guess I’d just expect to get a little sass for having a wine bottle that looks like it belongs in a fruit basket. 🙂

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