Voting… What This Cat is Looking For

Hey! Cisco, the Harwich Spirits Shoppe feline here…

In keeping with our earlier “‘Cleaning Out Congress’” post, I figured I’d throw in my two cents concerning this upcoming election cycle and what this cat is looking for. (Obviously, being a quadruped I can’t vote, but if I could…) Here we go…

  • I’d want someone with a clue. (See link above.) That is especially important relative to the national economy. If a politician doesn’t understand that the current obligation deficit (social security, Medicare/Medicaid, pensions) is at least five times that of both our GDP and matching deficit, he simply doesn’t deserve office. After all, the state does depend on the feds for much of its funding. But beyond that, knowledge of even the state economy is crucial. Does the person asking for my vote know that Massachusetts is already $108 billion in the hole?
  • I’m looking for someone who has the guts to react appropriately. Anyone in a position of power who knows the numbers above and isn’t pounding on the Panic Button is either a moron, in denial, doesn’t care, or is agenda blind.
  • I’d want a person who simply tells the truth. Oh for the candidate that looks straight into the camera and barks, “Yeah I made a monumental mistake and doinked her, vote for me!” Or, “Damn straight I smoked dope, vote for me!
  • Years of real work experience would be critical. If you haven’t punched a clock, sweat, and bled on the job, you ain’t for me.
  • We need a free thinker. Say… a life member of the NRA who is pro-gay for example.
  • Ponchita and I would like a representative who represents the people and not all the special interest groups, unions, lawyers, and lobbyists.
  • We want folks who will contact us after the election and ask for our opinion. Begging for support ($) beforehand only goes just so far.
  • Facts… Just facts and details. That’s what we want. (Neil Cavuto does an excellent job of facts with his fictitious campaign…)
  • No more “professional wrestling yelling” between political camps.  No more cheap dirty tricks like vote stealing.

In short, all we want is an honest, decent, unselfish, intelligent, objective, hard-working, no-nonsense person to represent us.

Miracles can happen, but we’re not holding our kitty breath..

Two cats, watching by the racks…

And then there are the word search and story contests…


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