Cats Hunt ET, and You Can Too

Buongiorno appreciators of all things fine. This is Cisco, the blogging Harwich Spirits Shoppe cat…

Ever want to look for ET? No I’m serious… Did you ever really want to look for ET? Well, take a gander of the screen shot below.

Cool screen saver? Well, yes and no. That’s a print screen of one of our computers running SETI@Home while the machine is idle. The purpose of SETI@Home is to distribute far and wide the mind-bending amount of data collected by the Arecibo radio telescope located in Puerto Rico…

Image courtesy of the NAIC - Arecibo Observatory, a facility of the NSF

It’s that 1001′ telescope that is looking/listening for ET (amongst other things) and feeding us regular cats’ sleeping PCs with info to crunch. Cool, not?

Now don’t get me wrong… SETI@Home ain’t for computer wimps or wannabe’s. And if the term “GHz” leaves you looking like Chumley, you’d probably be better served looking for another screen saver. Toasters are cool. But if you really want to hunt for ET, there you go.

Two cats blogging by the lenses and the racks…

Wine Glossaries

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* “The Independent Consumer’s Guide to Fine Wines”
* GLOSSARY of Wine-Tasting Terminology (Version 1.4 – Jan. 1995): A thorough collection of definitions from Anthony Hawkins.

Beer Glossaries

* ratebeer: Now that’s a straightforward name!
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