Major Kong and Wood Ticks

How does a spirits shoppe cat tell this tale gracefully and at the same time deliver a very important message to all you vacationers here on Cape Cod who may not be completely aware of the perils of a wood tick? (They can carry Lyme Disease – a potentially nasty disorder.) How to tell the tick story? How to tell?

O.K… Do you remember “Major Kong” (played by Slim Pickens in the 1964 satire flick Dr. Strangelove)? You don’t!?! Shame on you! Go out and rent the movie now! Any who… In the movie, there is a scene in which cowboy Major Kong is trying to fix the bomb bay doors on a nuclear-armed B-52 and accidentally opens them. Here is the result…

Alright, now back to the nastiness of the tick… Let’s just say that I have a male feline friend who in human years was about 13 years old, and discovered to his horror that a tick had taken up firm residence in his most favorite of organs (his brain, heart, and lungs coming in a distant 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place respectively). And exactly where was that tick on said beloved organ? The answer to that question is simple. Just go back and watch the video above again. Understand where Major Kong sits upon the missile, and you’ll understand where the tick anchored upon the organ.

Alrighty then!

The morale of this toe-clenching post (think of it as a public service announcement from Harwich Spirits Shoppe) is that local ticks (and ticks in general) like to dig into the most ignoble of locations. They like the hair, ears, armpits, back, and yes… all those naughty bits. Seriously, don’t mess with these buggers. Adults and parents, make it clear that daily tick checks for everyone are a must. And when in doubt, seek a doctor pronto.

See you by those racks,

Two cats blogging

P.S. What happened to my friend you ask? Well according to him, the initial response was a well-timed fainting. That was followed by a furry whirling blur of madness and claws that would make the cartoon Tasmanian Devil envious. The end result was that the entire tick (important) was removed and his virginity lasted another decade. But we’ll leave that one alone.

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