Gulf Oil Spill

Hi all,

Let’s take a break from the summer and the beer and the BBQs, and instead take a look at that oil spill for just a moment. Here’s what it really looks like…

That sort of says it all in a sickening sort of way… Granted the numbers aren’t pretty either… So far, anywhere between 21 and 46 million gallons of this junk have spewed into the Gulf, and no one knows how much more will escape. Nor does anyone know exactly where this stuff is going to end up or the final damage done. Consider the graphic of possible movement below…


  • Like it or not, this is the ugly side of progress, and anyone who thinks we can just turn off the oil rigs is a damned fool. We need oil just as we need sustenance. One way or the other, for the foreseeable future we’re going to need oil for heat, transportation, food, plastics, medicine, clothing, electricity, technology, etc., etc., etc… The sad and simple fact is that the need for oil products reverberates through every single corner of this global village.
  • Just because we stop drilling doesn’t mean that other countries won’t (even in places like the Gulf).
  • When it comes to culpability, don’t just look to the greed of BP and the ineptitude of the federal government. Environmentalists too have oil on their hands.
  • The obvious long-term answer to the energy situation is to wean ourselves from oil, and especially foreign oil. We hope all you Cape Codders (NIMBY-istas) who opposed Horseshoe Shoals and North Harwich wind power take a good long look at the bird above. Granted, even if all those wind turbines had been on the grid, no doubt that spill would have happened. But then again, if the “environmentalists” hadn’t been fighting actual implementation of alternative energy (including nuclear) since the 1970s, no doubt that spill wouldn’t have happened because we wouldn’t have been drilling that deep in the first place.  Beware the law of unintended consequences.

Finally, click here to see what you can do to help…

What a needless damned shame…

Disgusted by the racks…

Two cats blogging

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