Pro-Wind Words Silenced and Political Hypocrisy

Yup, yup, yup… The North Harwich pro-windmill segment of the Town Meeting past went down in flames. The fact is that it crashed so beautifully… so silently. (Kind of like a windmill not.) Too bad that a certain Selectman candidate (Mr. Toma) “moved the question” and in doing so cut off the pro-wind folks before they could even reach the mic. Jeez… Is this the same Richard Toma who said of local town government, “We need to open the blinds in this room and let the light shine in…” Does the following have a familiar ring to it from someone who voted for the turbines in November and then said… “I was duped, it’s my fault, but I don’t want anybody else to be duped. That’s why I want to be selectman.” Doesn’t that sound like a “Kerryism“? (“I actually did vote for the $87 billion, before I voted against it…“)

Anyhoo… you decide the hypocrisy… Back to those pesky windmills…

Here are just a few of the pro-wind voices you never even got to hear back in the Town Meeting… (Please forgive the occasional comings and goings of customers… ‘Tis the cost of being a 30+ year merchant in Harwich…)

Well now… That looks like a shady bunch!

Seriously… Here’s the bottom line… Back in August of 2007 – An opinion poll found that, “93 percent of Massachusetts residents are in favor of their State emerging as, “a national leader in alternative energy, including wind power projects such as Cape Wind.” Now I don’t know… Maybe Harwich is an anomaly… Maybe Harwich has changed its mind… I don’t know… But what I do know is that I (and the gentlemen above) haven’t changed my (or our) mind(s). We believe in what we believe. And if it costs me the Selectman’s position, so be it. I’ve done my research, and I think, act, and vote independently.

To be fair, I have a limited number of DVD copies of that Town Meeting, and would be more than happy to loan them out so all can see what took place… Just use the “How to Find Us/How to Contact Us” link. I’ll do my best to help you watch the meeting and judge for yourself.

Until the next time (and there will be a “Next Time” ASAP), see you by the racks,

Two cats blogging

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