What I’ll Do When I’m Selectman

Goals are good. Here are some of the goals I’d like to achieve should I be elected Selectman…

  • Shine sunlight on the town’s business. Most residents have ideas that can help the town, but are nervous to speak at televised Selectman Meetings. I will request that the Selectman hold a posted casual meeting at least once every two weeks where anyone, including town workers, residents, officials, and even non-voting residents may participate free from the glare of a television camera. I believe this will allow a more positive flow of ideas and solutions to problems that afflict the town.
  • I’d resurrect Harwich Civic Spirit Day (HCSD). During the years of my first term I began the program to create a more harmonious rapport twixt the public and all the committees and commissions in town. Lo and behold, it worked. HCSD allowed members of one board to network with other committee members saving considerable time and hassle. Beyond that, it gave regular folk a chance to talk about town positions and volunteer opportunities. That’s a win/win. I say we that we resurrect Harwich Civic Spirit Day and get it done!
  • Given the recent national events, it’s obvious that skyrocketing health insurance is a biggie. And as it goes on “The Hill”, so it goes in Harwich. But who has the answers? I’d study other towns of similar demographics and see what worked (and didn’t work) for them. At the moment, I’m leaning towards the classic three-tier system:
    • If a person wants the gold-card plan, he should participate in a financially commensurate fashion
    • If a moderate plan is a better fit, then that plan will bear a moderate cost
    • And if a worker is just looking for a short plan… Well, that will cost the least

    Of course, there can still be a pick-and-choose 'buffet' form of health insurance selection, but more perks equate to more cost.

But, a couple issues cannot be denied. First, prices are rising by leaps and bounds. Last year the insurance cost to the town went up 18% from a projected 3% increase. And lastly, events in Washington have injected a degree of fluidity into each of our decisions, and we have to keep a sharp eye on that as we go forward. As Selectman I will be very proactive in the process.

So, those are just some of my ideas… Don’t worry, I’ve got a bunch more…

Bruce Wm. Gibson


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