Holiday Wine Sale! Shhh!!! Bruce Needs Sleep…

Don’t let anyone in on this little secret, but Bruce has clearly fallen short a few fries from the ol’ Happy Meal, if you know what I mean… Here’s a cryptic message he sent out from his padded “Wine Cellar”…

Lets keep in mind that there is a bit more wine poured during the holidays than usual. Having said that, take a look at your purchasing habits. If you think there will be the chance that 12 bottles will be used in the near future, what with the company for the bird (gobble), kids home for a long weekend of munching and mooching, and all those leftovers. Not to mention a few bottles for yourself whilst cleaning up afterwards or just to have in the rack.
Saving MONEY is the talk of the moment. By buying a mixed case of wine right now you can save 20%, which for an average case could equate to real money. check these figures:

  • 12 bottles @ $9 gross is $108 – 20% {21.60} = $87.00

  • 12 @ $12 gross is $144 – 20% {28.80} = $115.20

  • 12 @ $15 gross is $180 – 20% {36.00} =$144.00

  • 12 @ $20 gross is $240 – 20% {48.00} =$192.00

I think you can see where I’m going with this. Seize the moment and save some bucks.

Okay Bruce… If that’s the holiday sale that you want… Fine. Sleep is good. Just take the pills that Nurse Ratched gave you and stay away from the fishing boats.

Nailing the cellar door shut,



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