Wine and the Holidays

Hmmm… Holidays… Where to begin? Well a good wine shop like the one below (Hint! Hint! Hint!) might be a wise starting point.

But how do you make all the varied flavors of the foods that are traditional at this time of year play nice with wine? Well, for the most part, there are “acceptable” matches.

  • If your favorite grape is savignon blanc then it will usually fit.
  • Stronger and heavier whites will also stand up to the richer, creamed veggies and gravies.
  • Red wines can also be served. Many dressings having sausage, bacon, linguicia, or udder meats within.  A Gewurztraminer or other Alsatian whites will match too and hold their own even with the spicier foods of fare gracing the happy table.
  • Few meals throughout the year yearn for the “sticky” wines such as Ports, Tawny Ports, Ice Wines, Moscatos, or any late harvest wine.  Late harvest wines are more expensive and usually come in half bottles. (The process is that of botritised grapes,also known as the Noble Rot.) These wines are the perfect match for any and all desserts including pies, cakes, tortes, cheesecakes, ice cream, and my favorite….a raisin and apricot fruit square with real whipped cream  and a spot of Lyle’s trycle syrup drooled over the top.

(Now how did my favorite get in there?)

Hey! Next time on this blog, look for some mind-blowing wine sales. And “next time” is much sooner than you might think!

Pass the word… Brooce is blogging and he ain’t takin’ no prisoners!

See you in the racks,

Bruce et al


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