Steamed Littlenecks via Beer or Wine



Wanna try an unusual yet simple recipe for superb seafood? How about steamed littleneck quahogs (not the traditional soft-shell steamers). Here’s what ya do…

  1. Buy or make some fresh French or Italian bread.
  2. Get yourself a mess of fresh littlenecks.  That’s pretty easy here on Cape Cod. Just go on down to the local mud flat (your harbor master can tell you where folks dig for the bivalves) and wait for someone laden with the buggers to rise from the muck. Then offer that person $ for ‘necks. I find that about a dozen/person makes for a decent meal.
  3. Take your booty home and de-gunk their outer shells under fresh cold water using a clean kitchen scrub brush. (As with any shellfish, there will always be some grit, but at least you can minimize the hassle.)
  4. Next, pour a can or two of your favorite light-colored beer or some quality white wine into a pot. The idea being that there should be enough booze to half submerge the creatures, but not drown them. If you need a steaming tray, so be it. (After all… They’re about to be swimming the “Flats of Glory” .)
  5. Situate the littlenecks evenly in the pot, and turn the heat to med/low. Cover.
  6. Immediately add garlic, butter, onion, and a dash of lemon juice. (I’d like to give you quantities here, but it really varies due to taste. The wife and I usually end up with a couple dozen ‘necks, a half teaspoon of garlic paste, a tablespoon of butter, a quarter teaspoon of dried onion, and a dash of lemon juice. Your mileage may vary.)
  7. Wait and watch.  The trick is to remove the clams when they steam open. Not too early and not too late. (Remember, raw shellfish is a big no-no.)
  8. And while you’re waiting, melt some more butter for dipping.
  9. Set table and serve. (Try dipping the bread in the steaming liquor – heaven on earth.)

If you have questions concerning the appropriate beer or wine for this recipe, just use the comment button below, give us a call, or stop by.

Wearing a bib,



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