Our thoughts about Wine Tasting – Keep It Simple

The prime aim of tasting wine, exploring the myriad of grapes and the many regions of the world wine is produced, is to find a wine that is enjoyable for YOU.  It is really a refinement of the process of drinking.  The language that describes the tasting experience is both learned by and created by you, the taster.  A good sense of smell is an asset, nearly as useful as a good memory.  Honesty to oneself is essential, as an insincere taster can be tricked by a fancy label, great reputation, high price, or the assumption that a good or a great wine is being presented.  One must also learn by their mistakes, even the most admired tasters will admit that they have selected a Burgundy as a Bordeaux, or stated that a Merlot was a Cabernet.

If you would like to take a ride with us on the Train that journeys through each and every grape growing region on this planet of ours and learn the basics of wine production, come along and get your ticket punched at The Harwich Spirits Shoppe.  The cost is only your attention and a desire to become learned on wine speak.

Bruce Wm Gibson
Proprietor,  Harwich Spirits Shoppe


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